Re: Understanding the syslogd-linux Service Script

From: Scott Colby <>
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2020 02:42:40 -0400

Dear Colin and Laurent,

Thank you for the thorough explanations it took me a minute with a
pen and paper to work out the fd movements, but it makes sense to
me now.

My particular environment uses glibc, so the old version of the
example seems to work well. I omit the syslog service's log directory
and the log lines appear on my container's stdout, which was my

I tried out Colin's SOCK_DGRAM version, but this was unsuccessful;
I received this line at a very high rate (20k lines in just a second
or two) on my stdout:

s6-ipcserverd: warning: unable to accept: Operation not supported

The s6-ipcserverd docs specifically state that it expects a bound
and listening SOCK_STREAM socket, and this led me to the `ipc_accept()`
call that the program makes. Out of curiosity, is there another
s6-family program that handles SOCK_DGRAM sockets? Otherwise, I'll
look in to socklog as Laurent suggested.

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