Re: writing s6 services

From: billa chaitanya <>
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2020 17:18:16 +0530

On Wed, Oct 28, 2020 at 7:31 PM Laurent Bercot <>

> >1) Is there a possibility to add an ENV variable dynamically?
> >I have a shell script which fills out some variables like
> >IPADDRESS, SERVER etc .. which I need to use in starting a process later
> >as part of starting a service/stopping a service.
> You can do whatever you want in a run script, as long as by the end
> of it, the pid of the long-running daemon is the pid your run script
> was started as.
> If your run script is a shell script, you can absolutely source the
> script that fills out your environment variables. It is not the most
> idiomatic or safe way to do it, but it will absolutely work.
> >2) Does s6-supervise has the intelligence of findingout $MAINPID as the
> >systemd does?(
> >
> Yes, that is the point of a process supervisor.
> You don't need a variable such as $MAINPID because the supervisor
> always
> remembers the pid of its child. You don't need a pidfile or anything of
> the sort.
> So, Is there any variable we can use inside run or finish
> script of a service equivalent to the pid of the process started inside
> run script?
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> Laurent
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