Re: S6-log

From: Crest <>
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2020 11:11:00 +0100

On 04.11.20 10:42, billa chaitanya wrote:
> Hi team,
> 1) does the log service of a corresponding long run service goes down when
> the long run service is made down using some s6 commands? (like s6-rc -d
> change <long run service name>

It does not go down, because the dependency is the other way around. The
service requires its log service, but the log service doesn't require
its service to start (it's just useless without it).

s6-rc -u change foo starts a service and all its dependencies (including
its log service). s6-rc -d change bar stops all services depending on a
service and the service. Stopping the log service stops the service as
well. Starting the service starts the log service.

> 2) Shall we use s6-log for one shot services too?

Oneshot services are started by the s6 oneshot runner. This long running
service is required to start oneshots in a clean environment.

> 3) is there any command-line option we can provide to s6-log for stopping
> the running s6-log?
What problem are you trying to solve? s6-log shouldn't have deal with
replacing an other s6-log process itself.
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