s6 in production on Ubuntu - yeah!

From: Oliver Schad <oliver.schad_at_automatic-server.com>
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2020 12:01:11 +0100

Hi everybody,

we're proud to announce, that we have s6 in production in context of
platform as a service for our customers.

We started with the rollout on our container hypervisors and will
extend that to all of our LXC containers.

We use Ubuntu 16 for now and will migrate that to Ubuntu 20. The reasons
we use that distro is, are some:

- good package support from community
- canonical maintains LXC/LXD
- co-maintainers of ZFS

So these are important reasons for us to stay on Ubuntu.

Thanks Laurent for supporting us to develop the integration of s6 in
ubuntu 16 and 20. We can definitly recommend to engage Laurent for
integration questions.

The reasons to migrate away from systemd are well known but to recap
that in short:

- buggy
- bad support from development team (go-away mentality)
- over complex in every dimension
- really limited cause of DSL/config approach and really big config
  language at the same time - more than 200 config statements - have
  fun to know them all
- tries to enforce itself everywhere as dependency
- linux only
- tightly bundled to kernel interfaces, which might be dangerous in
  container business (container's systemd might depend on specific
  kernel interfaces of the host)
- cgroup massacre (mi-mi-mi that is my cgroup and nobody else is
  allowed to use it)

And I guess some more. The pain we had with systemd, journald and so on
was too much.

Best Regards

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