How to recover from s6-rc broken pipe?

From: Joshua Ismael Haase Hernández <>
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2020 11:56:45 -0600

I'm using s6-rc to manage services and have been changing databases.

For some unknown reason sometimes the update fails with the error:

s6-rc-update: fatal: unable to read /run/s6-rc/state: Broken pipe

When that happens, I cannot use s6-rc anymore:

/run/s6-rc does not exists, but s6-rc declares it as if it does:

sudo s6-rc-init /run/s6
s6-rc-init: fatal: unable to supervise service directories in
/run/s6-rc/servicedirs: File exists

Creating the s6-rc symlink does not improve the situation.

How should I recover from this error?
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