Query on s6-log and s6-supervise

From: Arjun D R <drarjun95_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2021 14:43:08 +0530

Hi Team,

I would like to hear from you for a few queries. Please help.

   1. Why do we need to have separate supervisors for producer and consumer
   long run services? Is it possible to have one supervisor for both producer
   and consumer, because anyhow the consumer service need not to run when the
   producer is down. I can understand that s6 supervisor is meant to monitor
   only one service, but why not monitor a couple of services when it is
   logically valid if I am not wrong.
   2. Is it possible to have a single supervisor for a bundle of services?
   Like, one supervisor for a bundle (consisting of few services)?
   3. Generally how many instances of s6-supervise can run? We are running
   into a problem where we have 129 instances of s6-supervise that leads to
   higher memory consumption. We are migrating from systemd to s6 init system
   considering the light weight, but we have a lot of s6-log and s6-supervise
   instances that results in higher memory usage compared to systemd. Is it
   fine to have this many number of s6-supervise instances? ps_mem data -
      5.5 MiB s6-log (46) , 14.3 MiB s6-supervise (129)

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