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From: Arjun D R <drarjun95_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2021 10:24:54 +0530

Hi Team,

We are trying to migrate from systemd init system to S6. We have a few
queries, please help us on the same.

1. In systemd, the services are grouped as targets and each target depends
on another target as well. They start as targets. [ex: Reached
local-fs.target, Reached network.target, Reached UI target,...]. Is there
any way in S6 to start the init system based on bundles?

2. Are there any ways to have loosely coupling dependencies? In systemd, we
have After=. After option will help the current service to start after the
mentioned service (in after). And the current service will anyway start
even if the mentioned service in After fails to start. Do we have such
loosely coupled dependency facility in S6?

3. Is there any tool available in S6 to measure the time taken by each
service to start? We can manually measure it from the logs, but still
looking for a tool which can provide accurate data.

4. Does the S6 init system provide better boot up performance compared to
systemd ? One of our main motives is to attain better bootup performance.
Is our expectation correct?

Thanks in advance,
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