Re: runit: why ignore SIGCONT for stages?

From: Guillermo <>
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2021 17:05:14 -0300

This was meant for the mailing list. I accidentally replied to the
author instead. Sorry Leah!

El mar, 23 nov 2021 a las 9:18, Leah Neukirchen escribió:
> [...] This seems to be due to runit(8) before execing
> into the stages:
> sig_unblock(sig_cont);
> sig_ignore(sig_cont);
> ...
> strerr_warn3(INFO, "enter stage: ", stage[st], 0);
> execve(*prog, (char *const *)prog, envp);
> [...] Can someone explain why?

I guess only the author can provide an authoritative answer, but this
looks like a bug. It is possible that sig_uncatch() was meant here.
That's what the code calls for the other two signals that runit(8)
catches (SIGCHLD and SIGINT).

sig_ignore() makes no sense here, wouldn't that make 'sv cont' useless
for processes of the init system's supervision tree?

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