Re: s6 xinit replacement?

From: yianiris <>
Date: Mon, 23 May 2022 13:05:51 +0300

reply Guillermo:
> Hello, Samuel.
> I had a look at your s6-rc service definitions, and it seems that you
> don't have one for the system-wide message bus (D-Bus) and elogind.
> That, in addition to having the tmpfs whose path is stored in
> XDG_RUNTIME_DIR mounted by a "user-setup_at_<your user>" system service,
> makes me think that you are not running those.

Unbelievable, on this particular list, someone suggesting that dbus or
systemd (elogind is the most invasive of all parts of systemd) is needed
to run X, or wayland for that matter.

> On the other hand, IIUC
> the Xorg process is part of a supervision tree that runs with your
> (unprivileged) user and is launched by service "user-services_at_<your
> user>", and I suppose that Xorg is not a suid binary, so unless you do
> something else, your Xorg*.log file should contain something like:

If you have compiled X to require those, then it is your fault, and yes
such trashy messaging should be recorded somewhere, maybe by journald.

I apologize for the harshness of my reaction, but for years I've run
(and thousands of others) without a trace of logind or dbus. My system
is loosely based on Arch-testing (bleeding edge from 20000 upstream
sources) and I have done the same in void as well. This implication
that to run X,Y,Z logind/dbus is needed is dangerous and confusing as
IBM propaganda, and we NEED to extinguish propaganda because we are
where we are due to power of misinformation by the evil BlueChip.

Just because it is easy and convenient for some distro developers to
adopt the blackmail methods of IBM, this doesn't mean it is necessary.
Having no direct evidence I could speculate that those the lead the
decisions to adopt them have financial interests, but I can not
speculate that far. You can, I can't.

xorg 21.1.3
xorg-xinit 1.4.1
xorg-xwayland 22.1.1-1
wayland 1.20.0

no logind no dbus 0 logind/dbus warning/error messages.

Again, sorry Guillermo, this is not personal, it is "political".
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