Re: Unprivileged Shutdown?

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Sat, 28 May 2022 08:43:51 +0000

>I have been using simple privilege escalation to poweroff the machine,
>but looking through the source code for s6-linux-init-shutdownd and
>friends, it appears the only constraint on interacting with the daemon
>is the permissions on run-image/service/s6-linux-init-shutdownd/fifo.
>The default appears to be:
>600 root root
>I've changed it on my system to be:
>620 root power
>and added my user to the power group.
>This seems like the cleanest way to implement unprivileged
>poweroff/reboot, but I'm concerned that it's not possible by default.
>Is there a better way, or is it just meant to be done manually?

  No, you are correct that it is the right mechanism.

  Allowing unprivileged shutdown is a dangerous operation and should
only be done is very specific circumstances (i.e. when a normal user
has complete seat and console access), so it's not the default and the
mechanism is fairly hidden.
  If there's demand, I can probably write a s6-linux-init-shutdown-perms
program in a future version that would let you specify the user/group
allowed to shutdown, rather than having you manually tinker with the

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