Re: gpg-agent runit run script

From: Guillermo <>
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2022 15:46:01 -0300

El mar, 20 sept 2022 a las 18:51, João escribió:
> I would like to have gpg-agent running under runit supervision on a user
> runsvdir, but I have been unable to write a run script that works.
> Would anyone have an example run script for gpg-agent, or be able to offer any
> pointers?

As already suggested, gpg-agent's --supervised command is probably the
closest thing that would do what you want, but in that case, gpg-agent

* expect to have a properly set up environment, which runit's 'chpst
-e' could do. This includes variable GPG_TTY, which should contain the
name of a valid terminal that the supervision tree would have to make
* expect to receive a bound and listening UNIX domain socket as file
descriptor 3, which runit tools alone can't do (but
s6-ipcserver-socketbinder from s6 can).

Then, also as already mentioned, this command has been deprecated
since GnuPG 2.3.6, so, in my opinion, it's better to just have
gpg-agent started by other GnuPG programs, as the manual says.

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