Re: gpg-agent runit run script

From: Alexis <>
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2022 22:12:49 +1000

João Pedro Malhado <> writes:

> The Void linux manual shows gpg-agent running as an example, but
> they
> don't show
> the run script, so I don't know how they set it up.

Duncaen's run script for gpg-agent is here:

It's actually an execline script that makes use of
s6-ipcserver-socketbinder. Also note that the script calls
gpg-agent with `--supervise`.

> This is a pity as gpg-agent is a long running process which is
> the
> sort of thing
> you would want to run under supervision.

Well, the typical reason we want to run something under
supervision is to ensure it's up, because (a) there are processes
relying on it being up, and (b) those processes aren't themselves
able to start the relevant process. But this isn't the case with
gpg-agent: the main programs that utilise it know how to start it
themselves if necessary, so it doesn't matter if a gpg-agent
process exits abnormally, as a new one will get created when

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