s6-rc user experience question

From: Ihor Antonov <ihor_at_antonovs.family>
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2022 23:28:22 -0700

Hi Laurent, hi list.

I've been trying to get s6-rc set up and after some time I think I
managed it. I want to describe my process as a list of steps and then
ask you for comments. So here it goes:

1. First we create 'scandir1', and put services there. Each service is a
   svcdir. We put dependencies file and type file in each svcdir.
   (We do not run svcscn on it, because it doesn't really manage

2. We run s6-rc-compile pointing at scandir and get 'compiled' dir as

3. We run svcscan process on an emtpy dir - 'scandir2'

4. We run s6-rc-init , feeding 'compiled' and 'scandir2' dirs we
   get 'live' dir.

At this point things seem to be working and I can use s6-rc to bring up
and down services with dependencies. But this gets very confusing and
does not look like a good user experience:

- The contents of scandir1 and scandir2 look very
similar (scandir2 differs only by the fact that it has symlinks instead
of regular svcdirs).

- Complied dir contains copies of scandir1 services plus some files

- Live dir is the most wired one. It has symlinks to compiled and
  scandir2 and it also has copies of services under servicedirs/

So same information is duplicated 3 times and symlinked 3 times.
Is this the intended flow? Or have I messed something up really badly?


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