A tipidee quickstart guide


  1. Make sure you have s6 and s6-networking installed alongside tipidee.
  2. Prepare your document root for every virtual domain you aim to serve. For instance, if your documents are in /home/www/docs and you need to serve the example.com and example.org domains, create /home/www/docs/example.com and /home/www/docs/example.org directories, they will be the document roots for the example.com and example.org virtual sites respectively.
  3. Symlink these canonical directories to all the host:port combinations you want them to be available on. If you want example.com and example.org to be both available on ports 80 and 443, then symlink example.com to example.com:80 and example.com:443 in the /home/www/docs directory, and do the same with example.org.
  4. Compile a default configuration for tipidee: :> /etc/tipidee.conf && tipidee-config.

Running the server

tipidee service templates

The tipidee source distribution comes with an examples/ subdirectory containing service files to run tipidee under various service managers.