Re: separation for boot and running time services

From: Eric Vidal <>
Date: Wed, 25 May 2016 18:40:33 +0400

> It is totally possible, and it was one of the intended use cases of
> s6-rc-compile.
> Have your "boot" source directory in a place that can only be written
> by root. Have your "user" source directory in another place. When you need
> to recompile the database, run
> s6-rc-compile compiled source-root source-user
> and both sources will be aggregated into a single compiled database.

My bad, i did not found this informations on your site. Thanks, this is perfect for what i need to do.

> It is safe for boot as long as your services in source-root are
> self-sufficient.

this is my case.

> Alternatively, you can declare a bundle "everything" in source-root, that contains everything your boot-time
> needs *plus* a "user-state" bundle

already maded :)

> It's not entirely clear to me what exactly you're trying to do. The
> important thing is whether or not you allow your users to impact the
> root database, i.e. to run services as root. If you do, you can just
> mix source databases. If you don't, you need to have entirely
> separate s6-rc setups.

your previous answer give me the response
> It's unnecessary (and not at all how s6-rc works internally).
> If you need dependencies in a bundle, it's always possible to include an
> empty oneshot in the bundle, let's name it "bottom", that every other
> service in the bundle depends on, and that depends on everything you want
> the bundle to depend on.

thanks for the tips

Eric Vidal <>
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