s6-log error

From: Eric Vidal <eric_at_obarun.org>
Date: Wed, 25 May 2016 18:52:47 +0400


i have a strange error message on catch-all logger when my "rc" service start, i have this following line amount :

_at_400000005745b6800cfc8fe4 s6-log: fatal: unable to lock_exnb /var/log/syslogds6/error/lock: Resource temporarily unavailable

the service is only bringing up with a full operational system is ready, so /var/log/syslogds6/* is mounted rw before the "start" of the service.
this service is managed by s6-rc.
this is the run script used for syslogds6-log :

#!/usr/local/bin/execlineb -P
#fdmove -c 2 1
forx -p dir { error auth daemon messages user misc mail }
import -ui dir
foreground {
        if -n { s6-test -d /var/log/syslogds6/${dir} }
        if { s6-mkdir -p -m 0755 /var/log/syslogds6/${dir} }
        chown -R s6log:log /var/log/syslogds6/${dir}
unexport ?
s6-setuidgid s6log
s6-envdir -f env
import -Cs LOGSCRIPT
exec -c

the service syslogds6 bring up without error only the logger can't start.

note : s6-svc zsh completion bug was fixed

Eric Vidal <eric_at_obarun.org>
Received on Wed May 25 2016 - 14:52:47 UTC

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