Re: s6-rc-update do not bring up services

From: Eric Vidal <>
Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2016 15:30:19 +0400

> Yes, that is working as intended. s6-rc-update tries to match the machine
> states as closely as possible, so a new service will not be brought up
> since it does not exist in the old state (so it is considered down in the
> old state, and will remain down after s6-rc-update).
> s6-rc-update has no memory of previous databases. It only knows the "old"
> one (the current one you're replacing) and the "new" one. It doesn't know
> that there was an "old old" database similar to the "new" one, with the
> extra service up, so it cannot guess that you want that extra service up.

ok, so all works fine :)

> Um, no. What part of the documentation made you think that? If the
> documentation is unclear enough that you understood that, then I need to
> fix it.

this is the complet line : The service has a dependency to a service that must restart, or to an old service that must stop, or to a new service that did not previously exist or that was previously down.
found it here :
Restarts section

> Why would you want to create a race condition? :)

yes, no need :)

Eric Vidal <>
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