Re: s6-rc-update do not bring up services

From: Guillermo <>
Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2016 13:16:36 -0300

2016-06-04 8:30 GMT-03:00 Eric Vidal:
>> Um, no. What part of the documentation made you think that? If the
>> documentation is unclear enough that you understood that, then I need to
>> fix it.
> this is the complet line : The service has a dependency to a service that must restart, or to an old service that must stop, or to a new service that did not previously exist or that was previously down.
> found it here :
> Restarts section

In the context of your first post, what that means is that if *some
other* service that:

a) is both in the old database ("old" meaning "the one that is about
to be replaced by s6-rc-update") and the new database, and
b) is up when you run s6-rc-update, and
c) has the new service *as a dependency* (in the new database, of course)

*then* that new service will be started, and the service that now
depends on it will be restarted. This as part of matching the
machine's state as closely as possible. It won't be brought up in
general just because it is new.

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