[announce] s6-

From: Laurent Bercot <ska-skaware_at_skarnet.org>
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 2014 00:19:19 +0100


  s6- is out.

  This release fixes the s6-svscanctl -t bug, as well as a few other
minor bugs. It also makes s6-log and s6-ftrigrd use regex.h directly
instead of using a wrapper (I'll never get around to write a better
regexp engine anyway, so less layers is better). It adds uid:gid
support to s6-setuidgid. And it removes the hard limit of 500
directories in s6-svscan, making the maximum number configurable.


  Bug-reports always welcome.

  In other news, freecode.com (formerly freshmeat.net) has stopped
being maintained. This is sad. They suggest publishing to sourceforge
instead - I guess it's sourceforge or gtfo nowadays.

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