Re: build system license

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 2015 17:35:14 +0200

> Quick question regarding your build system, that is ./configure or
> tools/ and the likes: how are they licensed?

  The ISC license applies to the whole package, so yeah, strictly
speaking, the tools there are licensed under the same terms. I only
repeat "ISC license" in individual C source files because those are
the ones likely to be looked at or copied individually, but it's all
under the same roof really.

  In spirit, though, I kinda see the auxiliary stuff - build system
and tools - as WTFPL-licensed ( or bugroff-licensed
( I like those a lot. :)

  (To give credit where it's due, the configure script and Makefile,
as well as tools/, were inspired from the ones in musl.)

  Be aware that configure, Makefile, and tools/ in skalibs
are different from the ones in other packages.

> (Asking cause I'd like to use them in a little project of mine, but
> wanna make sure it's alright.)

  Sure, no problem. Don't worry, be happy, etc. etc.

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