Re: Logging daemon with ISO8601 filenames

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Mon, 05 Jan 2015 21:21:06 +0100

On 05/01/2015 20:12, Caleb Spare wrote:
> We're really happy with using runit/svlogd generally, but over time
> we've found the TAI-timestamped filenames that svlogd produces, which
> aren't human-readable, makes dealing with the logs too difficult.

  Can't you run a simple filter like tai64nlocal or s6-tai64nlocal when
you need to read the logs ? Doesn't it fit your workflow, is it too
inconvenient ?

  (I'm not asking this to be a jerk: I'm genuinely interested in learning
what is acceptable or not to users. As a programmer, I find the advantages
of TAI64N stamps obvious and I feel it's a very minor inconvenience to
have to use a preprocessor when reading logs; but other users have
different expectations and evaluation criteria, and it helps me to know
where they're coming from.)

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