RE: [NEWS/ANNOUNCE] Supervision Scripts Framework

From: James Powell <>
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2015 14:37:57 -0800

Hi Avery. OpenRC is nice, but it still backbones sysvinit in some ways. If you do however need utilities for halt/shutdown/reboot the Runit-for-LFS project imported an init-shim kit from ArchIgnite that features these functions.

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From: Avery Payne<>
Sent: ‎3/‎6/‎2015 11:42 AM
To: John Albietz<>
Subject: Re: [NEWS/ANNOUNCE] Supervision Scripts Framework

Supervision Scripts Framework is focused on a feature-rich drop-in set
of scripts and support for runit and s6, although I think Toki has since
added support for daemontools-alike supervisors. The following list is
based on what little I know about it, so please take it with a grain of
salt if I misunderstand or mis-state something here:

It features OpenRC integration, single-file-per-definition
configuration, "no-compile" installation, getty support, emerging cgroup
support, the ability to easily roll your own definitions, and support
for both the startup and shutdown phases. The work has a Gentoo
influence but it should be portable to other OpenRC environments. Also
there are a handful of base definitions for daemons, but it should be
easy to add more as needed. Toki's project is /rapidly /evolving on
github, under a BSD 2-clause license:

The supervision-scripts project evolved out of an earlier project,
providing a portable supervision/distro/kernel/userland-neutral set of
definitions for use with daemontools (and daemontool-alikes), runit, and
s6. It currently features 70+ definitions, configuration by envdir,
"no-compile" installation, getty support, the ability to easily roll
your own definitions, admin-managed user-controlled daemons, and
optional peer-level script-based daemon dependency startup. It does NOT
include startup or shutdown support, nor are there plans to include it.
There's a list of planned features; each release will include
approximately 122 additional definitions. *The project is in its infancy
and is subject to major changes until the 0.1 release*.

My project is moving at a /leisurely/ pace on bitbucket with a mirror on
github, under an MPL 2.0 license (minus rider "B"). NOTE: The license
will switch to BSD once it reaches the 0.2 release, which will contain
244 definitions:


On 3/6/2015 9:12 AM, John Albietz wrote:
> Excited to hear about all these projects. Are there links to the projects where I can find more information and also perhaps contribute? Thanks!
> - John
>> On Mar 5, 2015, at 11:52 AM, Avery Payne<> wrote:
>>> On 3/5/2015 2:03 AM, toki clover wrote:
>>> Hello fellow Supervision Users,
>>> I was busy lately working on Supervision-Scripts[1] Framework which grew
>>> up to be quite complete and efficient with a very simple API.
>> Well done!
>>> First, I only started working on this after I discovered Avery Payne's
>>> lately on January when I was considering switching to Runit as an init system to
>>> replace SysVinit. So, I took my time first... and then quickly transformed
>>> Avery's plan into a simple and clean implementation with fewer directories
>>> and files (run/finish). And finaly, I took another directory with merging
>>> bits together aiming to get fewer files and comlexity by using a shell and OpenRC
>>> for system boot/halt.
>> Because of the project names, I know there will be some confusion. For those wondering, Toki's is named *Supervision Scripts Framework*; my project is named *supervision-scripts*. They have similar names and internal concepts but very different goals. If you're running a system with OpenRC and want a drop-in ready-to-go framework, give Toki's a try.
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