Re: [NEWS/ANNOUNCE] Supervision Scripts Framework

From: toki clover <>
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2015 10:10:00 +0100

2015-03-06 23:37 GMT+01:00 James Powell <>:

> Hi Avery. OpenRC is nice, but it still backbones sysvinit in some ways.

If you do however need utilities for halt/shutdown/reboot the Runit-for-LFS

project imported an init-shim kit from ArchIgnite that features these
> functions.
I don't recall exactly what OpenRC does or uses for system halt/reboot...
but it
features a nice set of init scripts for system initialization (sysinit run
level) and
boot up (boot run level) and shutdown (killprocs init service) which were
with portability in mind (Linux/BSD OSes.) And there are quite a few
scripts to
consider... devfs, procfs, sysfs, keymap, console font, temporary
dirs/files set
up, local mount, net mount and such.

The greater issue is that many piece of software has SysVinit bits hardcoded
and just send {0,6} (shutdown/reboot level) commands either to
fifo,--this is why an initctl service suporting Runit/S6 is included to
handle this,--
and/or use directly {reboot,shutdown,[tel]init} commands instead. Curently,
S6 Init-State-3 include {reboot,shutdown} symlinks intended to be used as
--without command line args that is,--in order to support those said

But, those symlinks are not made in PATH--this left for the admin to decide.
Similar symlinks or simple scripts can be written for Runit. I, myself, use
Runit as SysVinit replacement but I did not bother to do so for now but add
initctl service to /service/. I might add this in the futur if enough users
request it.
Personaly, I do not need it for now, so no bother to make extra scripts for

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