Re: move s6 to github?

From: Buck Evan <>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2015 16:40:08 -0700

On Tue, Apr 21, 2015 at 4:03 PM, Laurent Bercot <
> wrote:

> On 22/04/2015 00:35, Buck Evan wrote:
>> I believe the s6 project would benefit measurably from a move to github.
> There's a github mirror of s6 already.

I didn't know until you two told me just now.
Can we have a link in the doc?

 Using the ticketing and pull-request system that so many are familiar with
>> would increase participation by the community and so foster bugfixes and
>> acceptance.
> It may sound like a joke to you, but I'm very serious when I say this: if
> someone cannot work with e-mail and has to rely on web applications for
> collaborative development ...

It's not that I *cannot* use email or that I *have to* rely on web
applications, but that we all are more productive with the tools that we
use more often. It's also the fact that the skarnet maillist signup process
is rife with bugs due to how few people use it. I had to overcome three
various bugs to send my first email, and was only able to do so because I
reached out repeatedly over the course of several hours.

I realize I'm unlikely to persuade you, so I'll just say I'm happy enough
to keep doing it your way, but I'm fairly certain that it's not in your
best self-interest. The only reason I care at all is because I'd like to
see s6 have a more diverse set of committers, which is a fair heuristic for
project health and maturity.
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