Re: move s6 to github?

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2015 02:33:16 +0200

On 22/04/2015 01:40, Buck Evan wrote:
> I didn't know until you two told me just now.
> Can we have a link in the doc?

  Good idea, thank you. Done now, in the "Download" section of
the main page.

  For some reason, git remote is having trouble replicating the
change on to the github copy. It gives me integrity errors,
with completely random packet sizes. I'm not sure what the problem
is this time: is it the Chinese government's fault again?

  See, this is exactly one of the reasons why github can't be trusted
for hosting projects. Their downtime is much higher than people
think it is.

> It's also the fact that the skarnet maillist signup process
> is rife with bugs due to how few people use it. I had to overcome three
> various bugs to send my first email, and was only able to do so because I
> reached out repeatedly over the course of several hours.

  Sorry, but I'm not taking this at face value.

  * You do not know how many people are subscribed to this list. I do.
It's a small community, but significant, and I get subscription
confirmation requests every week. Most people manage to subscribe without
trouble; the most often reported problem is the time it takes because a
human being has to approve subscriptions and people are not used to that
anymore. I rarely, if ever, get reports about technical issues with
the subscription process.

  * Unless I'm mistaken, you joined on February 07. I don't remember, nor do
I have in my archives, any communication from you on that point. If you
experienced trouble during signup, please say exactly what you did, the
results you were expecting, and what happened.
  As for your first mail, I suspect that your gmail was configured to send
HTML only, and the list rejects those posts. I understand that it may not
be the kind of thing you are used to, but please do not claim there are
bugs where there is none; if there are indeed bugs, I don't want handwaving,
I want precise reports so I can fix the bugs.

> I realize I'm unlikely to persuade you, so I'll just say I'm happy enough
> to keep doing it your way, but I'm fairly certain that it's not in your
> best self-interest. The only reason I care at all is because I'd like to
> see s6 have a more diverse set of committers, which is a fair heuristic for
> project health and maturity.

  To be clear: it's very much intentional that the s6 development model is a
cathedral and not a bazaar. The project will not grow fast, but it will
grow with a clear and coherent vision, and avoid creeping featurism as much
as possible. For such a piece of software, I believe it is the right choice.

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