Re: s6: compatibility with make<3.82

From: Avery Payne <>
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2015 14:22:46 -0700

Thank you. Thank you Thank you Thank you. You just solved a HUGE
problem for me.

I'm on Debian 7 with my home server, and Debian 7 comes with make <
4.0. Debian 8 does come with make >= 4.0, BUT, I do NOT want to update
to Debian 8 for reasons I won't go into right now. That means I'm stuck
with a make that won't build s6, unless I download, build, and install a
separate make, which may or may not conflict with the existing install,
leading to all kinds of "good times" that I really don't need. I
haven't had time to poke around Makefiles, so it's not practical for me
to address this problem by editing the existing Makefile. So, in a
practical sense, there is no s6 deployment on my server until I can
address this with blood, sweat, tears, and time.

Now with your contribution, I have a fighting chance of building s6 by
glomming the Makefile into the build process. That means the
possibility of a s6 build on my existing install, and not worrying about
having to do a complete distribution upgrade to Debian 8.

On 8/7/2015 1:50 PM, Buck Evan wrote:
> Just to make it more concrete, this is what I had to do to eliminate the
> questionable patches from my s6-packaging.
> In essence I vendor and build a gnu-make tarball before starting the s6
> build.
> I'd prefer not to have to do this, but it's not the worst either.
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