Re: s6: compatibility with make<3.82

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Sat, 8 Aug 2015 01:24:06 +0200

On 07/08/2015 23:22, Avery Payne wrote:
> That means I'm stuck with a make that won't build s6, unless I
> download, build, and install a separate make, which may or may not
> conflict with the existing install, leading to all kinds of "good
> times" that I really don't need.

  As Buck said, there's no possible difficulty in

  mkdir /opt/make-4.1
  cd /opt/make-4.1
  tar jxpvf make-4.1.tar.bz2
  mv make-4.1 src
  cd src
  ./configure --prefix=/opt/make-4.1 && make && make install

  and then using /opt/make-4.1/bin/make when you need make 4.1,
keeping your regular /usr/bin/make 3.81 as dear, dear Debian intended.

  Also note that make is backwards compatible: everything that builds
under make-3.81 will build under make-4.1, so even if you inadvertently
replaced /usr/bin/make, your servers still wouldn't break.

> So, in a practical sense, there is no s6 deployment on my
> server until I can address this with blood, sweat, tears, and time.

  Psh. Don't undervalue your blood.

  Geez, dudes, it's make. It's not Qt, or Python, or whatever your job
forces you to administer that will kick you into dependency hell as soon
as you dare change a config option from the default.

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