nosh per-user service management

From: Jonathan de Boyne Pollard <>
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2016 15:41:01 +0000

Jean Louis:
> If I understand it well, in your system, you define services, and then
> the service may be marked for start by user? And then it runs on each
> boot by user?

In this system, there is a per-user service manager, that manages
services run by the user. All of the processes live outwith any of the
user's login sessions. Each user has a place in xyr home directory
where xe can define service bundles for services and targets. The
per-user service manager works from those service bundles.

Per-user service management is itself of course just another
*system-level* service. The services are named user-services_at_jlouis and
so forth, and are managed by the system-wide service manager. One starts
them, stops them, enables them, and disables them exactly as one would
do any other system-level service. So if one wants the per-user service
manager for user jlouis auto-started at bootstrap, one enables the
user-services_at_jlouis service.

... or one (more usually) enables the user_at_jlouis target. This target
encompasses the per-user service manager and a per-user D-BUS broker daemon.

One doesn't have to enable user_at_jlouis, and if it isn't enabled it does
not auto-start at bootstrap, just like any other.

And the configuration import subsystem tries to set up an initial set of
per-user service bundles for each "real" user. This setup now includes
emacs in that new mode, albeit that I have no way to test it in
operation, not having the bleeding edge version of emacs.
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