Re: nosh per-user service management

From: Jean Louis <>
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2016 07:37:05 +0300

On Thu, Dec 08, 2016 at 03:41:01PM +0000, Jonathan de Boyne Pollard wrote:
> Jean Louis:
> > If I understand it well, in your system, you define services, and then
> > the service may be marked for start by user? And then it runs on each
> > boot by user?
> In this system, there is a per-user service manager, that manages services
> run by the user. All of the processes live outwith any of the user's login
> sessions. Each user has a place in xyr home directory where xe can define
> service bundles for services and targets. The per-user service manager
> works from those service bundles.

I have understood that difference, thank you. I am just assuming that
systemd may be configured in same manner.

The system I am building now is anyway pretty much oriented for one
user only. So not that I personally have need for user leverl
services, or for system I am preparing for others.

Those other services that are or shall be started by user, I am simply
starting in startup files, like application daemon, mcron -- or http server relating to user
space only, all this is 1-2 startup files, and they are not

> And the configuration import subsystem tries to set up an initial set of
> per-user service bundles for each "real" user. This setup now includes
> emacs in that new mode, albeit that I have no way to test it in operation,
> not having the bleeding edge version of emacs.

I am always using the latest, git clone -b master
git:// from

It requires some environment variables, so using GNU Emacs as daemon
in userspace would require at least proper $HOME, $PATH, then $LC_ALL
on GNU/Linux system. And I am still not using the new version, I still
use the screen version.

It would require other variables for programming languages, like if
Perl is used within GNU Emacs, it requires $PERL5LIB or $PERL_UNICODE
and so on. So, placing user daemons into system supervision may not be
the best option, due to so many customization that have to be done for
the user, especially for GNU Emacs -- as one cannot know which
programming languages and their variables are required. If someone
programs in GNU Guile scheme implementation, that person may need
$GUILE_LOAD_PATH, and if it is not available in Emacs run by system
supervision, it becomes unusable.

Jean Louis
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