Re: GNU Emacs now runs in foreground

From: Jonathan de Boyne Pollard <>
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2016 20:36:27 +0000

Martin "eto" Misuth:
> exec mpd --no-daemon /usr/home/eto/.config/mpd/mpd.conf

Jonathan de Boyne Pollard:
> Tip: In the daemontools world all services have ther own service
> directory, at minimum; and this directory is the working directory of
> the service. You can put an mpd.conf that is particular to the service
> in the service directory itself.

Martin "eto" Misuth:
> I use <servicedir> with my own scripts, but for things having local
> /etc, /usr/local/etc alternatives I prefer those.

That's not /usr/local/etc/ . It's /usr/home/eto/.config/ .

$ system-control --user find mpd
$ system-control --user cat mpd
start:#Start file generated from ./mpd.socket
start:foreground mkdir -- /run/user/JdeBP/mpd ;
stop:#Stop file generated from ./mpd.service
stop:foreground rm -r -f -- /run/user/JdeBP/mpd/ ;
run:#Run file generated from ./mpd.socket
run:#Music Player socket used by JdeBP
run:local-stream-socket-listen --systemd-compatibility --backlog 5 --pass-credentials /run/user/JdeBP//mpd/socket
service:#Service file generated from ./mpd.service
service:#Music Player daemon run by JdeBP
service:musicpd --no-daemon --stderr --stdout --verbose ./mpd.conf
restart:#Restart file generated from ./mpd.service
restart:exec true # ignore script arguments
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