Re: nosh per-user service management

From: Jonathan de Boyne Pollard <>
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2016 18:18:13 +0000

Jean Louis:

> So, placing user daemons into system supervision may not be the best
> option, due to so many customization that have to be done for the
> user, especially for GNU Emacs -- as one cannot know which programming
> languages and their variables are required.

I just explained that these are *not* system-wide services, but per-user
ones. A user who is setting up environment variables for xyr own needs
to run emacs as a service simply sets up environment variables for xyr
own needs against the per-user service. Indeed, I already showed how
that is done. Once again:

> Adjust its environment, if desired, in the conventional way
> $ system-control --user set-service-env emacs DISPLAY :15.2
> or (if /usr/local/sbin is on one's path)
> $ rcctl set --user emacs DISPLAY :15.2

The idea that this is somehow difficult because one might have to set an
environment variable named GUILE_LOAD_PATH in this way, is just plain
wrong. This is just an envdir in a conventional place in a service
directory. It's actually easier to manipulate than a $HOME/.{z,}profile
or a $HOME/.login_conf for setting such an environment variable so that
one could spawn the daemon in an interactive login session.
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