nosh version 1.34

From: Jonathan de Boyne Pollard <>
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2017 21:41:27 +0100 (BST)

The nosh package is now up to version 1.34 .


Once again, there are a few more service bundles. The most interesting ones in
this version are perhaps the finish-update and finish-install targets, designed
to be invoked the first bootstrap after an update or install has been done, and
the users target, which is used to auto-start per-user subsystems at bootstrap.
 Several NFS service bundles are now common across operating systems. And the
OpenVPN service bundles are now split into separate client and server services.

Several minor bugs have been fixed here and there: a duplicated newline in
line-banner that was throwing off publicfile FTP service; a problem with
recordio on FreeBSD/TrueOS; and a problem with attempts to use slashes in
environment variables in service bundle environment directories.

The user-space virtual terminal emulator now implements the Xterm extensions to
DECSCUSR, and the framebuffer realizer can display the resultant cursor shapes.
 This can be made use of by programs such as Neovim.

There are now separate service bundles and nosh-run- packages for running eudev
and systemd-udev, because the two are now significantly divergent.

The various utilities for changing the process environment no longer use the GNU
C library/BSD C library functions for doing so, and so no longer suffer from the
concomitant memory leaks that their manual pages used to warn about.

The convert-systemd-units tool has been slightly enhanced, for the benefit of a
fix that has been made to the per-user gpg-agent service.

The external configuration imports system has been extended. It now deals with
importing the hostname configuration value, taking that responsibility away from
and simplifying the set-dynamic-hostname utility. It now imports various Debian
and other kernel virtual terminal settings, from /etc/kbd/config,
/etc/default/console-setup, and /etc/vconsole.conf . And network configuration
import now can set up services for both dhcpcd and dhclient.
 /etc/system-control/convert/rc.conf now contains more settings on Linux
operating systems as a result, including dhclient_program.
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