nosh version 1.35

From: Jonathan de Boyne Pollard <J.deBoynePollard-newsgroups_at_NTLWorld.COM>
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2017 11:43:49 +0100

The nosh package is now up to version 1.35 .





As I mentioned a week or so ago, the external configuration import
subsystem now converts a Debian-style /etc/network/interfaces
configuration file, via rc.conf settings, into the native networking

There is also a whole new /Networking/ chapter in the /nosh Guide/,
which explains this and several other things, including how Plug and
Play integration interoperates with the networking services and what the
native networking subsystem encompasses, to the level of what service
does what and to what purpose.

Work on the Plug and Play integration is on-going, and I hope to have
yet more for this, and indeed for other parts of the networking
subsystem, in version 1.36.


There are some Debian packages that declare that they need the logrotate
package, even though they do not when run under nosh service
management. For their benefit there is now a nosh-logrotate-shims
Debian package that is simply a dummy package that satisfies this need
without setting up a spurious and unnecessary logrotate system.

    Service bundles

There are a few more service bundles, including ones for sysstat and
elasticsearch. The existing service bundles for things such as unbound,
clamav, and freshclam have been augmented and fixed in response to user
feedback. And a bug that incorrectly resulted in the ldconfig service
being disabled has been fixed.

The dbus services, the system-wide one and the per-user one(s), have
been renamed to dbus-daemon. This is because of the existence of a
dbus-broker service bundle. This is a placeholder for if the
dbus-broker people ever fix it so that it works. dbus-broker does not
provide a working system right now. It is currently not possible to
substitute dbus-broker for dbus-daemon on non-systemd systems, because
dbus-broker is very tightly tied in to systemd's idiosyncratic D-Bus
control interface. It /only/ speaks the systemd-specific protocol, and
knows no other way of stopping and starting services, not even the
service command. (In contrast dbus-daemon can still be configured to
demand-start services using simple service management commands
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