nosh version 1.36

From: Jonathan de Boyne Pollard <J.deBoynePollard-newsgroups_at_NTLWorld.COM>
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2017 08:03:43 +0000

The nosh package is now up to version 1.36 .




    More Java tools

This release comes with the |find-default-jvm| and |find-matching-jvm|
tools, which will set up the |JAVA_HOME| environment variable to point
to a default/matching JVM directory, using the FreeBSD/TrueOS and Debian
conventions for locating JVM directories. To match these,
|convert-systemd-units| now recognizes |JVMDefault|, |JVMVersion|,
|JVMOperatingSystem|, and |JVMManufacturer| extensions to the systemd
unit file format.

    Tool improvements

|convert-systemd-units| now recognizes a |MachineEnvironment| extension
to the systemd unit file format, which controls the generation of an
invocation of |machineenv|. It also now recognizes and translates
|RDMAHCAHandlesMax| and |RDMAHCAObjectsMax| settings.

The |unshare| command now has flags for specifying process ID and user
ID namespaces on Linux.

The |setup-machine-id| command now correctly falls back to the old D-Bus
files on FreeBSD, which it had not been doing because of a bug.

    New system management features

In support of an initiative by Warner Losh, there is support for power
cycling via hardware and a kernel that support it.

The system manager treats |SIGRTMIN+6|, unused in the systemd system, as
a request to invoke a new |powercycle| service bundle; and
|SIGRTMIN+16|, similarly unused, as the underlying actual powercycle
request, which it translates to either |RB_POWERCYCLE| if it is present
in the C library headers, or |RB_AUTOBOOT| if it is not. There is a new
|system-control powercycle| subcommand, which defaults to sending these

Note that the binary packages are currently built on a system that lacks
|RB_POWERCYCLE| in the C library.

The compatibility |shutdown|, |reboot|, |halt|, and |poweroff| commands
all now sport a new |-c|/|--powercycle| option. There are new
|fastpowercycle| and |powercycle| commands. The |system-control init|
subcommand now sports a new |c|/|C| argument, by analogy to |h|/|H|. And
this is of course thus reflected automatically in the compatibility
|telinit| command and the |initctl-read| server.

    Service bundles

Fixing an oversight in 1.35, the per-user |dbus| services are now
renamed to |dbus-daemon| too.

There are a few more service bundles, including ones for |jenkins|,
|apacheds|, |udisks2|, and |ndppd|.

The |linux-utmp| service bundle has been retired, in favour of a unified
|utx| service bundle, which was previously FreeBSD-only, that operates
across platforms. In support of this, there is a new
|login-update-utmpx| command, and a new |freebsd-shims| package that
aliases that to the |utx| command on non-FreeBSD platforms.
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