s6-log run xz compression processor on .u files

From: Brad Grissom <brad_at_bradgrissom.com>
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2018 09:40:37 -0700

Hi I'd like to re-run my xz compression processor on .u files, maybe during
the next rotation. My problem is that I'm running an embedded Linux system
and it gets unplugged all the time, so I end up with .u log files that are
uncompressed by the s6-log processor.

I am using this to log:

s6-log -b n30 s5242880 S15728640 !xz /appdata

This is an issue because I have limited flash storage space and would love
to be able to store as many (compressed) logs as possible. I figure I must
be missing something because this is probably a common occurrence for many

If anybody has any ideas, I would love to hear it! Thanks!

~~Brad Grissom
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