Re: s6-log run xz compression processor on .u files

From: Colin Booth <>
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2018 19:50:03 +0000

On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 09:40:37AM -0700, Brad Grissom wrote:
> Hi I'd like to re-run my xz compression processor on .u files, maybe during
> the next rotation. My problem is that I'm running an embedded Linux system
> and it gets unplugged all the time, so I end up with .u log files that are
> uncompressed by the s6-log processor.
> I am using this to log:
> s6-log -b n30 s5242880 S15728640 !xz /appdata
> This is an issue because I have limited flash storage space and would love
> to be able to store as many (compressed) logs as possible. I figure I must
> be missing something because this is probably a common occurrence for many
> people.
> If anybody has any ideas, I would love to hear it! Thanks!
Lots of ways to fix this. If you have a cron-alike, an _at_reboot trigger
can do it:
_at_reboot sleep SOMEPERIOD find /path/to/dirs -name '*.u' -exec xz "{}" \;

If you don't mind polling, something similar but as an s6 service works,
though you can use s6-pause from s6-portable-utils to stop it from
refiring (and as such no longer polling). If you don't have that, a
finish script that puts the service down works, but that's kinda ugly.
> ~~Brad Grissom

Colin Booth
Received on Fri Feb 23 2018 - 19:50:03 UTC

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