Re: has anyone gotten nosh to build on Void Linux?

From: Guillermo <>
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2018 15:34:53 -0300


2018-06-30 5:44 GMT-03:00 Chris Brannon:
> When I run package/compile from the root of the unpacked source tree, I
> get:
> redo: ERROR: all: Cannot find .do file to use.
> -- Chris

The nosh-1.37 source package? If you unpacked the source tarball in a
directory named 'nosh-1.37', you have a 'source' and a 'package'
subdirectory, you ran package/compile, but it *did not* create a
subdirectory named 'build', then, as people have said, most likely you
don't have an implementation of pax(1) installed. It is a
POSIX-specified utility, but on most [GNU/]Linux distributions you
have to manually install some package to get it. I believe on Void
that would be the 'pax' package.

Not related to redo's error message, but because distributions differ
in the way they package ncurses and util-linux, you might want to
check if:

* The libtinfo, libncursesw and libuuid libraries are present in
Void's 'standard' libraries directory.
* There is a curses.h file in both Void's 'standard' headers directory
and in a subdirectory named 'ncursesw' (for the narrow character and
wide character versions of the library, respectively). Normally, that
would be /usr/include/curses.h and /usr/include/ncursesw/curses.h.
* The wall(1) program is available in Void's 'standard' executables directories.

Because that's what nosh's build system and executables are going to
expect, as far as I know. If not, patches will probably be needed. It
would also help to know what the ID and VERSION_ID fields of Void's
/etc/os-release look like. I believe the former is 'void', and the
latter is absent, correct?

It would be interesting to see what is needed for different OSes to
make nosh build. If you do try again, please report :)

Hope that helps,
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