Re: has anyone gotten nosh to build on Void Linux?

From: Chris Brannon <>
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2018 17:27:38 -0700

Guillermo <> writes:

> Hi,
> The nosh-1.37 source package? If you unpacked the source tarball in a
> directory named 'nosh-1.37', you have a 'source' and a 'package'
> subdirectory, you ran package/compile, but it *did not* create a
> subdirectory named 'build', then, as people have said, most likely you
> don't have an implementation of pax(1) installed. It is a
> POSIX-specified utility, but on most [GNU/]Linux distributions you
> have to manually install some package to get it. I believe on Void
> that would be the 'pax' package.

Sorry, I didn't have time to reply, but I made a good deal of progress
earlier today, after writing to the list.

Yes that is correct; pax was one of the things I was missing. I was
also missing libuuid-devel. I needed to change the header paths for
ncurses headers in the source. I also needed to fine libtinfo, because
Void doesn't have it. Void could probably have libtinfo provided by
their curses package with a fairly straightforward change.
I figured out how to get libtinfo from ncurses by looking at the Arch
PKGBUILD for ncurses.

> would also help to know what the ID and VERSION_ID fields of Void's
> /etc/os-release look like. I believe the former is 'void', and the
> latter is absent, correct?

That's right.

> It would be interesting to see what is needed for different OSes to
> make nosh build. If you do try again, please report :)

Indeed. Ideally, I'll eventually end up with a package script for
Void -- known as a "template" in Void parlance. I'll keep working on
that until it's written.

> Hope that helps,

Thank you.

-- Chris
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