Re: what init systems do you use ?

From: Steve Litt <>
Date: Mon, 13 May 2019 17:09:48 -0400

On Mon, 13 May 2019 20:13:29 +0100
multiplexd <> wrote:

> All,
> On Fri, May 03, 2019 at 02:53:21AM +0200, Jeff wrote:
> > what init systems do this list's subscribers use ?
> I saw Guillermo's reply up-thread, so I thought I'd add my own two
> cents. My main workstation at present is a Debian 9 box booted with
> s6 and s6-rc, with system setup and teardown (i.e. stages 1 and 3)
> handled by some execline scripts heavily adapted from those generated
> by s6-linux-init-maker 0.4.x.x.

I use runit on all my Void Linux machines.

Before using Void, I used sysvinit plus daemontools-encore. Whenever I
had any problem with any daemon, or whenever I made my own daemon, I
added it on to daemontools-encore, not to sysvinit's
comments-actually-mean-something five function essay length init

Experimentally I've initted with suckless-init plus s6. I even did
Felker 16 line init + s6, which worked great if you didn't mind not
having zombie-killing and signal based shutdown. I've also
experimentally initted with Epoch and Systemd. I like the former and
dislike the latter.
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