Re: what init systems do you use ?

From: Joshua Ismael Haase Hernández <>
Date: Mon, 13 May 2019 16:16:50 -0500

El lun., 13 may. 2019 a las 14:14, multiplexd (<>)

> It's been nearly two years since I set this up, so I don't recall all the
> details, but I started out with a sysvinit Debian 9 system, and
> reverse-engineered the boot sequence, which included a by-hand conversion
> of all
> the necessary /etc/init.d scripts into s6-rc service definitions.

> The particulars of the configuration I'm using are generally not portable
> to
> other machines though,

Is this init configuration available publicly?

It seems like you did a bunch of work that could be useful for people
trying to use s6 on debian, even when particulars should be polished.
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