Re: interesting claims

From: Guillermo <>
Date: Sat, 18 May 2019 17:04:21 -0300

El sáb., 18 may. 2019 a las 13:26, fungal-net escribió:
> >>> OpenRC: Nice,
> >>> init
> >>> |_ zsh
> >>> when I exited the shell there was nothing but a dead cursor on my screen
> > [...]
> >> May I ask what was this setup like? You made a different entry for
> >> sysvinit, presumably with the customary getty processes configured in
> >> /etc/inittab 'respawn' entries, judging by your results, so how was
> >> the OpenRC case different?
> >
> > i also wondered whether he used openrc-init here ?
> > [...]
> I remember seeing this although I may have mixed it up. I have a few
> Artix-OpenRC images and an older Manjaro-OpenRC which was a predecessor.
> Running both again didn't produce this result. They just froze with a
> dash on the top left of the screen, didn't poweroff. So I am puzzled now
> what I mixed up.

Ah, the OpenRC variant of Artix. That might explain it. Apparently,
this does mean 'pure' OpenRC indeed, i.e. openrc-init and
openrc-shutdown in addition to the service manager. I didn't know
there were distributions that used this setup.

openrc-init, just like Suckless init, does not currently supervise any
other process, so this test seems to have put the VM in a coma by
killing every process but #1 (after the only apparent survivor, zsh,

> But although I got curious what "kill -9 -1" would do to different
> systems I don't see the usefulness of this.

Since you actually went ahead and did it, and reported the results,
for me it was interesting to see if they matched what theory says that
would happen. They did (assuming that what you wrote about the s6 case
means that the system more or less reconstructed itself).

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