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Date: Sun, 19 May 2019 11:24:00 +0000

>> But although I got curious what "kill -9 -1" would do to different
>> systems I don't see the usefulness of this.
> Since you actually went ahead and did it, and reported the results,
> for me it was interesting to see if they matched what theory says that
> would happen. They did (assuming that what you wrote about the s6 case
> means that the system more or less reconstructed itself).

I am glad some of you can tell more than I can about this, and since you
did I tried my weirdest of setups. This is Adélie
installation on HD. Although it is confusing to me how they set this up
still, after months of following its development (beta3), there is
sysvinit on the first steps of booting then OpenRC takes over, and then
s6-supervisor handles everything running. It is like a fruit punch in
my eyes. For those that don't know this is built on musl.

# kill -9 -1 on tty1 brought me back to tty1 login screen with 5 more
ttys active. So everything is respawned almost instantly to a system
just like it had just booted. Doing the same from terminal on X had the
same exact outcome.

> Thanks,
> G.

One of the reasons I am trying to learn more about init in general and
porting s6 to a different system is to use either Adélie or Void-musl
and have pure s6 on them. Recent efforts with void failed, except for
using arch kernel building and installing Obarun's pkgs into void. Not
very clean but works for months. Dracut is a thing I still need to
learn about as obstacle #1.

Both s6/s6-rc and 66 pkgs are available through void's repositories but
s6-rc has been modified and I haven't been able to get it to work.
Void uses arch-like /bin /sbin --> /usr/bin, Adélie has more traditional
4 separate directories.
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