Re: killall test run

From: Guillermo <>
Date: Sun, 19 May 2019 17:39:37 -0300

El dom., 19 may. 2019 a las 9:57, Jeff escribió:
> OpenRC is known to work with s6-svscan (this is done via the
> /libexec/rc/sh/ shell script).

That is part of OpenRC's s6 integration feature, and, although on the
surface it looks like a nice thing to have, the implementation of it
launches s6-svscan with start-stop-daemon, which means that:

* s6-svscan is not supervised.
* s6-svscan's standard output and error are redirected to /dev/null,
so logs from services that don't have a corresponding logger go to the
trash can.

Or at least it was like that last time I checked.

> although it is better to start
> s6-svscan from /etc/inittab (directly or - as i prefer - via a starter
> shell/execline script that ensures at least the scandir exists)
> since SysV init can respawn processes anyway (supervised
> supervisor ;-).

That seems to be the route that Adélie has taken. With an execline
script, /lib/s6/s6-svscanboot, configured in an /etc/inittab 'respawn'
entry. This results in a supervised s6-svscan (by sysvinit), and a
supervised catch-all logger.

> i do not know the order
> in which sysvinit processes the inittab entries for a given (SysV)
> "runlevel". do "wait" entries precede "respawn" entries, followed
> by the "once" entries ?

I believe they are processed in line order.

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