Re: killall test run

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Sun, 19 May 2019 23:06:39 +0000

>That seems to be the route that Adélie has taken. With an execline
>script, /lib/s6/s6-svscanboot, configured in an /etc/inittab 'respawn'
>entry. This results in a supervised s6-svscan (by sysvinit), and a
>supervised catch-all logger.

Yes. I am also currently working on integrating s6-linux-init into
Adélie in order to have s6-svscan as pid 1, this should be ready
some time this week. Users will have a choice between standard
sysvinit with a supervised s6 tree (as it is now) and s6-svscan as
pid 1.

>> i do not know the order
>> in which sysvinit processes the inittab entries for a given (SysV)
>> "runlevel". do "wait" entries precede "respawn" entries, followed
>> by the "once" entries ?
>I believe they are processed in line order.

  Yes, but that is undocumented and shouldn't be relied upon - and
there's no readiness notification for "respawn" lines anyway, so
relying on order could be racy. For all intents and purposes, all
inittab lines after "sysinit" are spawned in parallel or without a
specified order.

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