runit or s6 (was: runit patches to fix compiler warnings on RHEL 7)

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2019 22:17:15 +0000

>For submitting patches, I'd recommend working with the Void Linux
>project. They can be found at #xbps on Freenode IRC. Void Linux has
>used runit as their init system for the past 5 years: Their
>implementation is very reliable and mature.

Yes, but OP wants to fix compiler warnings on RHEL7. Do you think Red
uses Void as their runit upstream?

>IMHO not necessarily. There are people whose top priority is

You love to prop up the discourse that runit is a lot simpler than s6,
but I reject this assumption, and you're doing a disservice to me *and*
to users by propagating it. Core runit and core s6 are very similar,
and the complex parts of s6 are entirely optional.

The part where runit is definitely simpler than s6 is when both are used
as init systems, which is entirely optional too. Again, OP is talking
about RHEL7: what are the odds runit is used as an *init system* on
so the bulk of the "simplicity" argument falls here.

>Which leads to the next point: One reason runit has such a large
>mindshare is because Void Linux and maybe some others ship with runit
>as their init. s6 has an opportunity to leapfrog. Right now, the Devuan
>project is discussing supplying run scripts for runit and for s6.

The Devuan people know me well. They know where to contact me. They know
I'm interested in helping as much as I can if they choose s6. I haven't
heard from them. So, I'm assuming they're not really interested.
If I'm wrong, my mailbox is open.

>Anyway, if you
>have a bunch of known-good s6 run (and finish) scripts curated
>somewhere, everyone would be pleased if you let the Devuan user mailing
>list know where they are.

  It's been the same tune for years, so please believe that I know it
*Everybody* is in love with s6 as long as everything is turnkey (read:
long as software authors, who are supposed to provide mechanism, are
providing policy, i.e. doing the work of the distribution). But as soon
as the distribution actually has to *do its job*, stop being lazy, and
write policy scripts, suddenly there's no one around. Crickets.

  I've learned the lesson. I will provide a complete set of init scripts.
And I'm slowly getting to the point where I'll be able to do it. But
still need 2 more years, because I need to feed myself, too.

  If more people/distros were *really* interested in this, instead of
nodding their heads and paying lip service as long as they don't have to
lift a finger (yes, I'm looking at you too, Steve), it would go a lot
faster. It would most likely already be done.

  You can help by cutting the nagging.

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