Re: runit patches to fix compiler warnings on RHEL 7

From: Jan Braun <>
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2019 15:09:01 +0100


Laurent Bercot schrob:
> - My opinion is that the most sustainable path forward, for runit
> users who need a centrally maintained supervision software suite, is to
> just switch to s6 - and it comes with several other benefits as well.

As a relatively new convert to supervision software, my reasons for
preferring runit over s6 are, in order of priority:

1) Debian ships with a working and maintained runit-init package. It
   provides pid 1 and hooks into /etc/rcS.d/* to integrate with other
   Debian packages. s6-linux-init and s6-rc are not packaged in Debian.

2) runit has manpages. s6 has HTML. :(

3) s6 executables are somehow worse named than runit's. This may be
   highly subjective, but I can recall and recognize the runit commands
   far easier than the s6 ones. Possibly it's the "s6-" prefix getting
   in the way of my brain pattern matching on visual appearance of glyph
   This point is exacerbated by #2 and the number of s6 executables.
   Compare chpst with s6-envdir s6-envuidgid s6-fghack s6-setsid
   s6-setuidgid s6-applyuidgid s6-softlimit. Yes, I know about the
   historical reasons, but still.

4) s6 seems more complex (hello execline!), and I don't (yet?) see any
   benefit/feature I'd appreciate except minimizing wakeups.

OTOH, an active and responsive upstream is obviously a big plus for s6.

> - But again, I'm not impartial, and alternatives are a good thing.
> So no matter what individual decisions are made, it would definitely be
> a net positive if the exact state and workflow of runit could be
> clarified, and if a real development/maintenance structure was in place.


Brainstorming possible ways forward:

A) Gerrit Pape becomes more active in maintianing runit, at least
   acknowledging patches posted here.
B) Somebody else steps in as (co-)maintainer.
C) We get a dumping ground (wiki or somesuch) for patches to allow
   - contributors to publish their patches (after discussing them here)
   - users to easily find and download patches they'd be interested in
   - Gerrit Pape to review and apply patches at his leisure when he
     feels like making a new release.
D) The maintainers of distros shipping runit work out a patch-sharing
   scheme among them.

Just my 0.02€, I hope it helps.


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