Re: runit patches to fix compiler warnings on RHEL 7

From: Jonathan de Boyne Pollard <J.deBoynePollard-newsgroups_at_NTLWorld.COM>
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2019 11:36:00 +0000

Jan Braun:

> 2) runit has manpages. s6 has HTML. :(
Daniel J. Bernstein had something to say on that subject, two decades
ago. See the "Notes" section of .

I generate both manual pages and HTML from a common DocBook XML master
in the nosh toolset. And the DocBook XML is itself readable directly
with a WWW browser. is
a copy of one such DocBook XML master, for example. It's on the WWW,
and the packages also install it locally, for off-line reading.

M. Pape did some of the manual pages for some operating system's
versions of daemontools, converting M. Bernstein's HTML pages into
roff. For djbwares I converted everything into DocBook XML, and the
same holds for djbwares as for the nosh toolset. There is a DocBook XML
master that one can view in a WWW browser directly (both on-line and
off-line), generated HTML pages, and generated manual pages readable
with man. is a
copy of one such DocBook XML master, for example. This is the source
for the "man setuidgid" manual and the source for .

I even filled in the manual pages that M. Pape hadn't done and that M.
Bernstein hadn't originally written in HTML, and updated some of the
doco. See
and for
examples of that.
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