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From: Steve Litt <>
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2020 09:07:25 -0500

On Sun, 2 Feb 2020 12:34:05 +0200
fungal-net <> wrote:

> Void is also
> very close, I for one use it with s6 and 66 for a while now and in
> many ways being more carefree than obarun having fast balls thrown by
> arch daily.

Have you, or are you going to, write documentation on how to install
and maintain s6 (and presumably s6-rc) on Void? Are you using Void's
s6* packages, or do you compile the stuff yourself? If you install
Void's s6* packages, does that remove runit? I'd like to have both, to
a/b them against each other and to more quickly learn s6*.

It seems trivial to me to deploy s6 stage 2 and migrate all my runit
stage2 to s6 stage 2. However, migrating stage 1 sounds to me like an
Einsteinian task. Runit's stage 1 repeatedly loops through .d
directories in what I find to be an unobvious way.

It seems to me that Void is getting more popular every day, and Void
could serve as a Rosetta Stone between runit and s6. I'd appreciate any
documentation you have or will write in the future concerning your use
of s6* on Void.


Steve Litt
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