Re: State of projects

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Sun, 02 Feb 2020 15:58:12 +0000

>Do you mean they don't like editing files and creating symlinks? Do
>they want a GUI interface to the service directory tree and the symlink

No, it's about service startup with s6-rc. They don't want to dive into
the unpalatable blobs that are the set of systemd unit files or the set
of openrc init scripts (and I can undertand their reluctance); and
they don't want to make the effort of understanding the s6-rc syntax and
creating s6-rc source directories (and that's something I'm sure you can
relate with ;)). They want a service startup configuration format that's
close to what they are used to, typically text files that are easy for
a human to read.

Ideally, they'd want systemd unit files. Which is not gonna happen,
because the format of these files maps the systemd architecture too
closely and there are lots of things that would be expressed differently
under a s6-linux-init/s6/s6-rc system; but a text-based configuration
engine is totally doable, it's just a long project.

They also want high-level commands like "service" or "openrc" to control
the machine state without having to undertand the nitty-gritty of
"s6-rc change", or the difference between "s6-rc -d change foo" and
"s6-svc -d /run/service/foo". Which makes sense: can *you* tell me what
this difference is? :)

All of this will be solved by s6-frontend, but that's not something I
can work on in the evenings.

>What is UX?

  User experience.

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