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From: eric vidal <>
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2020 08:24:55 +1100

On Sun, 02 Feb 2020 15:58:12 +0000
"Laurent Bercot" <> wrote:

> >Do you mean they don't like editing files and creating symlinks? Do
> >they want a GUI interface to the service directory tree and the symlink
> >tree?
> No, it's about service startup with s6-rc. They don't want to dive into
> the unpalatable blobs that are the set of systemd unit files or the set
> of openrc init scripts (and I can undertand their reluctance); and
> they don't want to make the effort of understanding the s6-rc syntax and
> creating s6-rc source directories (and that's something I'm sure you can
> relate with ;)). They want a service startup configuration format that's
> close to what they are used to, typically text files that are easy for
> a human to read.

Already done. A set of service portable and hackable easily is already operationnal.
One file to deal with all services format for s6 and s6-rc which can be written with
every language that they prefer.

> Ideally, they'd want systemd unit files. Which is not gonna happen,
> because the format of these files maps the systemd architecture too
> closely and there are lots of things that would be expressed differently
> under a s6-linux-init/s6/s6-rc system; but a text-based configuration
> engine is totally doable, it's just a long project.

Done. INI format what's not invented by systemd. This format is easy to understand,
easy to write/read.

> They also want high-level commands like "service" or "openrc" to control
> the machine state without having to undertand the nitty-gritty of
> "s6-rc change", or the difference between "s6-rc -d change foo" and
> "s6-svc -d /run/service/foo". Which makes sense: can *you* tell me what
> this difference is? :)

Done, a set of command wrapper with consistent options between command with deal
with pure s6 services and s6-rc compiled database are already operationnal

> All of this will be solved by s6-frontend, but that's not something I
> can work on in the evenings.
> >What is UX?
> User experience.
> --
> Laurent

They can make test easily to see if s6 suit their needs even if your s6-frontend is
used in the future.
And maybe after a few POC they can realize the advantage of s6 and finance you correctly to allow you
of make rapid progress on the s6 development and s6-frontend

eric vidal <>
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